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Rockin' Ronnie's favorites

Favorite salmon - Wild BC Salmon

Logo and link to HardcoalsFavorite charcoal - Hardcoals

Barbecue entrepreneur Hendrik vand der Walt, a South African expat living in North Vancouver, imports and distributes lump charcoal from Namibia under the Nam-Char and HardCoals brands. Hendrik has been my official charcoal supplier and he’s kept me smokin’ all summer long. If you like using charcoal and want to make the leap to lump, check out this great product.

Link and logo to Westcoast LifestyleFavorite cooking planks
    from Westcoast Lifestyles

Westcoast Lifestyles manufactures the best cooking planks I’ve ever used. They've provided me with cedar, alder and maple planks for recipe development and samples to share with attendees - thanks!

Logo and link to Johnstone's Barbecue and PartsFavorite barbecue store
  in Vancouver
  Johnstone's Barbecue and Parts
  North Vancouver

Johnstone’s has the biggest barbecue showroom I’ve ever seen, staffed by the friendliest, most helpful people in the business. If you need a grill or smoker, or need to repair or maintain your backyard cooking equipment, give Gary Johnstone and his team a visit.

Logo and link to Barbecues GaloreFavorite barbecue store
  in Calgary
  Barbecues Galore

Logo and link to Cobb CanadaFavorite portable barbecue
The lightweight Cobb is a grill, an oven, a barbeque, a roaster, a baker, a smoker, and more!

Logo and link to Cattle Boyz BBQ saucesA great bottled barbecue sauce
Alberta made Cattle Boyz BBQ sauces

Favorite website communications consultant - Micky Gulless, Fuzzy Logic Inc.

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